In most instances, all monies wagered with Western Regional OTB Corporation are merged with the racetrack where the race is being run. These monies become part of that track’s mutuel pool. There are occasions when Western OTB forms its own pool or combines its pool with other New York State racetracks and other New York State OTB corporations to have an in-state pool. In these instances the payout prices will vary from those at the racetrack conducting the race meeting.

Rules for pool calculation with regard to late scratches, dead-heats, coupled entries and fields may vary from state to state. Western Region OTB is required to follow the rules as established by the state where the race or races are being run.

New York State pari-mutuel laws require OTB corporations in the state to impose a 5% surcharge on any winnings. This surcharge is deducted from the on-track payoff prices at the respective racetracks. (The 5% surcharge is not imposed on VIP Telephone Betting accounts, at its Batavia ITW or at Batavia Downs Gaming).